Know More About Romantic Comedy

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Know More About Romantic Comedy

A romantic comedy is a kind of movie that a mixture of hale romance tale and half humorous story, but look like these days movie producer try to focus on humour instead of romance, to produce the movie in top graph.

- The love of true love

- There must be a man out there just for you, you simply try your best to find him/her and you will experience true love

- Only true love and beat all obstacles

And the fantastic romantic comedy need to place more humour into the movie most of the time, for example in that spectacle that if women and men approach to each other, this scene could be perceived by songs popular romantic comedies of each generation to pull audience.

In that sense, sometimes romantic comedy also have a plot story about how people in various generation relate to one another, for instance, the drama between adult and kids in the movie Sleepless in Seattle. The author of romantic comedy, therefore, should not concentrate on what's popular today, but have to take into consideration the way they'll recover audience's memories about their good and impressive old time.

So in which the plot narrative of romantic comedy film ought to be derived ?

Firstly, movie producer should pick from any well-told story. The fantastic narrative that appropriate for creating movie ought to have quite solid pattern and structure in terms of telling people what's going on. As mentioned that despite romantic comedy film these days tend to focus on humour side rather than striking side, but being concentrate on striking side also still significant. Therefore that the film producer should consider regarding the equilibrium between dramatic side and humour side which should be focus on.

Sometimes the narrative they choose for make film is quite dramatic concentrated, so it is fairly difficult to insert some of humour scene into the narrative, or they finally made it, the narrative might not be very successful. The love or dramatic side itself does not need to be very concentrate on the result, for example, does not concentrate on the outcome whether the man will finally get married together with the woman. In stead, the narrative should focus on the way they tell narrative. The narrative will probably be more interesting if movie maker have the ability to insert humour spectacle to the narrative to make it more funny. For instance, such as the Bridget Jone's Diary movie is a really good illustration in my own opinion. The story goes precisely in what she wrote in her diary regardless to the outcome or what is going to be like at the end. Audiences were quite happy and no one care about the way the movie ends, since they gain enough both humour and romance during the narrative.

In summary great romantic comedy ought to have proper balance between romance side and humor side. Attractive romantic comedy movie does not need to be happy finishing, it's about the way the story goes and whether you'll insert humour scene to the film.